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Introducing the 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection II, a special set that features some of the most iconic cards from the history of the game, all in stunning new rarities!

25th Anniversary Rarity Collection II is the ultimate pack for collectors and fans alike! Each pack contains twice as many Ultra & Secret Rares as before, which means you have double the chances to pull one of the amazing "luxury rares" in this set: Quarter Century Secret Rares, "Prismatic"-style Ultimate & Collector's Rares, and Platinum!

Each pack has double the cards, and about two-thirds of them will have at least one "luxury rare". Some packs will even have more than one, and you could even hit the jackpot and get SIX "luxury rares" in one pack!

The best part is that every card in this set is available in every rarity, so you can mix and match your favourites. There are 3 'standard' rarities (Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Secret Rare), and four special "luxury" rarities: Quarter Century Secret Rares (with a sparkling watermark logo to commemorate the 25th anniversary!), Platinum Secret Rares, "Prismatic"-style Collector's Rares (previously exclusive to overseas markets), and "Prismatic"-style Ultimate Rares (with a stunning 3D varnish, also previously only available overseas).

Don't miss this chance to experience the thrill of opening Rarity Collection packs, where every card is a foil and every pack is a surprise. It's a treat for your eyes and your collection!



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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG - 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection 2 Booster Box

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Available from May 22nd 2024